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The Ladder of Success

Originally posted on Paths in Peru:
July 28, 2014         Alicia* is here from El Salvador with her two daughters, five and ten years old. “Here” is the Holding Institute Community Center, a national mission institution of…

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Bright Lights (September 2014)

Keep, Church in Elm Creek Give Helping Hand to Students United Methodist Women in Kearney, Nebraska, help students pay for driver’s education. Harvest Festival and Farm Appreciation Day United Methodist Women in Pennsylvania participate in Damascus United Methodist Churches’ Harvest Festival … Continue reading

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How to Use This Issue (September 2014)

About mid-September in New York the sky’s blue becomes deeper, crisper. It’s a new back-to-school outfit, a call to pick apples or kick a soccer ball. It’s visible proof that the haze of summer is over. Though I’ve been out of school for many years, this particular shade of … Continue reading

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From the President (September 2014)

Remember Our National Ministries United Methodist Women, please take a moment and breathe! We’ve been busier than ever over the past few months, with Mission u, volunteering with the vacation season programs in our local churches and communities, collecting school supplies for children in area … Continue reading

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From the Editor (September 2014)

September opens with Labor Day, the first Monday of the month, in a historic celebration of U.S. workers and their struggle for just pay and working conditions, the right to organize and respect in the marketplace. The first Labor Day was a workers parade … Continue reading

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