From the Editor (September 2018)

September 2018 final cover

For those of us called by our faith to work for justice, it’s been a hard summer. A hard year. There are days I’m afraid to read the news or unclasp my hands from prayer. The volume of worry and anger can leave me nonfunctional or, worse, numb. Don’t let anyone tell you your worry is your own failure at positive thinking—very real harm is and has been happening to God’s children and creation. We know we can’t ignore these injustices or the aches of our heads and hearts. But we also know as Christians it’s our job to spread the good news.

Stay informed, but don’t let news alerts be a constant disruption. Choose the best time, place and way for you to consume news, to read deeper about the issues discussed, and to learn more about similar occurrences in history and the solutions. Avoid articles with headlines telling you how to feel or articles that exist only to upset you. Don’t let the barrage of misinformation from deceitful sources overwhelm you into inaction. Focus on what those in power are doing and on what those most affected are saying. Prioritize issues you know are important and on which you can act. Take breaks for hobbies, humor, food, family, exercise, music, worship. Resting is not quitting.

Stay connected; you are not alone. You are a member of United Methodist Women, part of hundreds of thousands of women organized for mission. United Methodist Women is a resource for education, spiritual guidance and concrete actions. Stay tuned to our website and social media, and sign up for our e-newsletters. Keep this issue handy to relive or experience the reassurance, inspiration and power of Assembly. Read daily Assembly issues of response and more news at Watch videos of Assembly gatherings and town halls  and browse the great Assembly 2018 photos.

Stay strong. Find strength in your church, family, friends and partners. Find strength in your fellow United Methodist Women members, and in turn provide spaces for fellowship, discernment, conversation, support and joy as well as education and action. We know how to live with some uncertainty because we have faith. In our God we find respite and endurance. Please take care of yourselves and one another. We will achieve the Beloved Community.


About Tara Barnes

editor of response, the magazine of United Methodist Women.
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