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Ecumenical Advocacy Days – Lost and Found

This afternoon I am working on my story about Ecumenical Advocacy Days for an upcoming response issue. I am writing about this thousand-fold, annual gathering of activists who make an ecumenical push to persuade Washington D.C. legislators on a topic … Continue reading

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Hearing My Call, and Knowing It’s Mine

by Jeanne Martin “Volunteer coming across the yard!” I leave the security of the cement building and walk alone across the yard. I keep my eye on the abandoned baseball field—no action there except a few dandelions growing where the … Continue reading

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Supporting Prison Ministry

by Richard Lord Ecoprisoners, an organization that supports persons accused or convicted of actions taken on behalf of ecojustice, recommends several helpful activities that free citizens can do to support incarcerated individuals. Editor’s note: These suggestions pertain to exchanges with … Continue reading

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Life Without Parole

by Richard Lord Life without parole is the most common alternative to capital punishment. It removes the criminal from society and costs a fraction as much as execution. Some people see it as more humane than killing the convicted. Some … Continue reading

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