From the President (September 2014)

Remember Our National Ministries

United Methodist Women, please take a moment and breathe! We’ve been busier than ever over the past few months, with Mission u, volunteering with the vacation season programs in our local churches and communities, collecting school supplies for children in area schools and more. These are some of the ways we live out our commitment to do our part in God’s mission as United Methodist Women members.

Now the summer months are over and we’ve moved into the fall, watching the leaves change as the days cool and shorten. This is a good time to reflect on our Purpose and our commitment to put our faith, hope and love into action for women, children and youth. I give thanks to God for you every time I think of all the people I’ve met this year who’ve been touched by the outreach of United Methodist Women, particularly at our national mission institutions. This year I’ve had the opportunity to visit a number of these Mission Giving-supported agencies. Seeing the eyes of children light up as they learn and grow while participating in programs at the national mission institutions brought to mind the words of Psalms 139:14: “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; that I know very well.”

And our part in God’s work is not yet finished.

There are 97 United Methodist Women-supported national mission institutions—community centers, schools, colleges, health care facilities and women’s residences. There is at least one national mission institution in each jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church. Our United Methodist Women foremothers founded most of these organizations, and many of them remain properties of the national organization. Although our relationship with some of the organizations has changed over the years, United Methodist Women continues to support them in mission as they offer vital services in their local communities. For example, with public schools back in session, many of these agencies are revved up for another year of service through programs that support the families of those children returning to school. Things like day care and tutoring, homework help, team sports, dance and drama and other after-school activities are just some of the programs offered at the national mission institutions.

Let’s commit to use this season to infuse our national mission institutions with some extra love.

The United Methodist Women website features a complete listing of the 97 United Methodist Women-related national mission institutions. Peruse the list, select a mission institution, perhaps one in your conference or jurisdiction, and then check out the agency’s “wish list.” See what the mission institution needs most, and consider how your unit can help the agency acquire these items. Just think of all the amazing ways you will be helping to transform the daily lives of individuals through the ministries at these national mission agencies.

United Methodist Women

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