Bright Lights (August 2014)

First Saturday Breakfast Popularity Keeps Growing
United Methodist Women in Smithwick, South Dakota, host monthly breakfast fundraiser to send kids to summer camp.

Mabel Woman Finds Joy in Volunteering Salvation Army “a Good Thing” in Fillmore County
United Methodist Women member Arlene Austin gives back to her community in Mabel, Minnesota.

Sparrow’s House Leaders Address Area Church
United Methodist Women in Yadkinville, North Carolina, host speakers on the topic of domestic violence.

Designing Women: Enjoy “A Sip of Southern” and a Touch of Comedy
The United Methodist Women at First United Methodist Church in Pensacola, Florida, host ”A Sip of Southern” summer tea event featuring a Christian comedian.

Riders Roll into Floyd County
United Methodist Women in Rockford, Iowa, host breakfast fundraiser during annual state bike race.

Concert at Linville United Methodist Church
United Methodist Women in Linville, North Carolina, host summer concert series.

Historic Records of Women’s Service presented to FUMC
United Methodist Women member Jane Dake Bugg compiles history of United Methodist Women at First United Methodist Church in Gadsden, Alabama.

United Methodists Celebrate 50 Years of Rummage Sales
United Methodist Women at First United Methodist Church in Aberdeen, South Dakota, celebrate their 50th annual rummage sale.

Steuben Old Home Days
Started 88 years ago by United Methodist Women at Steuben United Methodist Church in Remsen, New York, the Steuben Old Home Days closes out August in Steuben, New York.



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Pauli Murray and the True Story of Courageous Women

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The League of Extraordinary Methodist Women

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The Amazing Adventures of Alma Mathews

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Bright Lights (July 2014)

Mission u “Good Job, Good Job”
The West Ohio Conference hosts successful Mission u.

Fair Haven: Gardeners Share Harvest
United Methodist Women at the United Methodist Church of Red Bank in Red Bank, New Jersey, grow vegetables in a community garden and share the produce with a local hunger outreach organization.

Central Arkansas Development Council Offers Youth Summer Food Program
United Methodist Women at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Malvern, Arkansas, support a summer meal program for community children.

Anti-human-trafficking Billboards on Display
United Methodist Women members in Ohio have partnered with Abolition Ohio to sponsor highway billboard ads as part of the state’s human trafficking awareness campaign. See also “Local Group Targets Human Trafficking.”

Alabama First Lady Dianne Bentley to speak on domestic violence in Hoover
United Methodist Women at Bluff Park United Methodist Church in Hoover, Alabama, host Alabama First Lady Dianne Bentley, who will speak about domestic violence.

A Wee Little Man and a Big Insight
Jack Levison, co-author of United Methodist Women spiritual growth study How Is It With Your Soul? reflects on teaching the book at Mission u.

Downtown’s Hidden Gem: The Methodist Thrift Shop
United Methodist Women at First United Methodist Church in Napa, California, have run their United Methodist Women Thrift Shop for 22 years. Customers call it a “hidden gem” and “their favorite thrift shop.”

United Community Centers Are Coming Back in Style
United Methodist Women at Arborlawn United Methodist Church in Forth Worth, Texas, host Styles and Smiles fashion show fundraiser with national mission institution United Community Centers.

101 Years Young: Bernice Blackwell and Still Giving Back to the Community
United Methodist Women at St. Luke United Methodist Church in Hartsville, South Carolina, present a Special Mission Recognition pin to 101-year-old Bernice Blackwell, who is still actively contributes to the church and United Methodist Women.

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How to Use This Issue (July/August 2014)

But he answered them, “You give them something to eat.”
Mark 6:37

Assembly 2014 may be over, but the call of Assembly lives on. We have been tasked to feed the 5,000. We have been asked to Make It Happen.

If you made it to Assembly 2014, this issue will remind you of the fun you had, the people you met, the Spirit you felt. If you were unable to attend, we missed you! This issue invites you to be a part of Assembly, our quadrennial gathering that celebrates your giving and your work.

Begin this issue by reading Mark 6:30-44, the feeding of the 5,000, the Assembly 2014 Scripture. Perhaps, like me, you’ve heard this story and were amazed at Jesus’ miracle of feeding so many with impossibly little. At Assembly we were asked to consider that the miracle wasn’t just that Jesus turned two fish and five loaves into a meal that fed thousands but that the hearts of the people on the hill opened, and they realized that, together, they already had more than enough. During Assembly’s opening worship the Rev. Bridgette Young Ross asked, “What if the act of Jesus blessing the bread and fish didn’t just multiply the food, it multiplied the hospitality?” Hillary Rodham Clinton in her message called the feeding of the 5,000 “that first great potluck.”

Chances are you have been asked to feed thousands with only five loaves of bread and two fish. And chances are you responded, “What? That would take a miracle!” As it turns out, a little trust in Jesus—and a community of friends—turns us all into miracle workers, for the kin-dom of God is among us (Luke 17:21). This month, think about the miracles your unit may be capable of, even if your resources seem scarce.

Not all who hunger are hungry for food. On the Assembly day of action, attendees joined the Louisville, Ky., community for a march to end economic inequality. In “Marching for Economic Justice” on pages 22-23, Christie House and Mary Beth Coudal explain some of the disparity between East and West Louisville, the dividing line between the haves and have-nots, of race and class.

This month, watch “This Is Beecher Terrace” from PBS’s Frontline. The Beecher Terrace public housing complex is on Louisville’s west side and is one of the communities we marched through during our Assembly action.

Materials from Assembly are available on Visit to learn about workshop topics and to see videos of worship services. More photos from Assembly can be seen at

Our God is a God of abundance. Never doubt that we can Make It Happen!

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Relishing a Raisin.

Tara Barnes:

Deaconess Pat Hoerth reflects on her time, teaching and fellowship at Assembly 2014:

Originally posted on Turtle Rock Farm:

United Methodist Women March for Economic Justice

[★]Marching for Economic Justice in Louisville, Ky. during Assembly 2014
Deaconesses consecrated at Assembly 2014 in Louisville
Consecrating 26 new deaconesses at Assembly 2014

Every four years
thousands of women
at United Methodist Women’s
They come to learn,
to worship together,
to be together
as a sisterhood
and to recharge themselves
for their work in mission
with women, children and youth
around the world.
The United Methodist Women
support the work of deaconesses
and home missioners (men,)
of which I am one—deaconess,
that is. My work is in
ecospirituality and environmental justice
based here at Turtle Rock Farm.
So it was with great excitement
that I looked forward to Assembly 2014
last week in Louisville, KY. Time with
others in the deaconess/home missioner
community, is always a nourishing joy.
Though we had an evening together for fun
and to welcome the 26 new deaconesses,
as usual, much of our time together
is spent learning…

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