From the President (May 2018)

Matching Passions With Resources

We are inviting you to invest yourself through the resources that God has given you—your energy, your prayers and your money—in this work to which God has called us.
—Henry Nouwin,
A Spirituality of Fundraising

I work for an environmental nonprofit in Indianapolis as a fundraiser. I hear all the time, “I could not ask people for money.” To this I reply, “I don’t ask people for money. I match passions and resources to make change happen in the world.” It’s time to start thinking differently about money. Each personal financial commitment you make, you are matching your passion and your resources. Each budget you create with your Pledge to Mission, you are matching your commitment to making change happen in the world with your passion.

As women working in mission, we focus our energy and prayers on the work before us. From building a connectional mission locally to supporting a community in need or prayer chains for a time of crisis, United Methodist Women members are women in action. Your financial gift to mission, your pledge, allows the work of God to extend beyond one woman’s reach. When each woman gives a financial gift, showing her connection and passion to the mission, the gift grows. Financial gifts grow because there is a story from the woman who gave it and the woman it is going to help. We are a connectional organization and the connection, once created, needs to be celebrated. Your financial gifts travel farther today because of United Methodist Women. We are connected with women around the world because our Mission Giving is faith, hope and love in action.

United Methodist Women has been changing the lives of women, youth and children because of passionate women of God for 149 years! The impact of your work is seen in the smiles of those we serve, bringing women into community for spiritual growth and leadership development. It’s pretty amazing to think about all we have accomplished.
Today we stand next to the women who came before us, because of their Mission Giving into funds that are still available today. The Legacy Fund is our opportunity to stand next to tomorrow’s women. I know that I will not live forever, but through the Legacy Fund, my passion will.

It’s awesome and inspiring to think about the goals we can achieve when we are intentional with our gifts and resources. When we invite women to share in the decision of where our money goes, what we are raising money for, we are investing in future leaders and opportunities for transformation. Opening up the budget decisions and the steps each woman can take to reach the goal brings women into community and a freedom in knowing that she is supported and supportive. We are whole persons in the eyes of God with this community of women, matching passions with resources and talents.

I am called to use my talents and treasures for God. Through United Methodist Women my resources go farther than one person can do alone. I do not work alone in United Methodist Women. You do not work alone in United Methodist Women. When we share the work, our resources grow and our impact in the world grows. Women, youth and children see faith, hope and love in action when a community of women, whose purpose is to know God, comes together!

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