From the Editor (March 2018)


My daughter, Iris, was born Sept. 18, 2017. She’s a happy, funny little girl who definitely knows how to use her voice. You’ll find her most Sunday mornings sleeping on her daddy’s shoulder in the back pew at church. She played Baby Jesus in our church’s Christmas pageant and regularly attends the church’s women’s book club. I’ll soon be reading her children’s books from the United Methodist Women Reading Program. If you go to United Methodist Women’s Assembly 2018 this May, you’ll likely see her there.

It’s my job to provide my children food, clothing, safety and love, a love that enables them to love boldly in return, that lets them know how to be good people. A faith community, to me, is an essential part of their learning the actions of love. So I’m working to provide this for them as well. Our local United Methodist church and the worldwide connection of United Methodist Women will give them a strong foundation of faith, hope and love in action.

Being part of United Methodist Women has taught me so much about the role of faith in my life and in the world. Being Christian is not a solitary act. It requires a creative, supportive community in which to grow and change and one in which prayers lead to action. The church needs women organized for mission. The world needs women organized for mission. Iris needs women organized for mission.

On March 23, the anniversary of the founding of what would become United Methodist Women and our annual Day of Giving, I will be making a donation to the Legacy Fund in Iris’s name to help ensure future generations have the same benefit I—and many women around the world—have had by having United Methodist Women at work in the world.

About Tara Barnes

editor of response, the magazine of United Methodist Women.
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