From the President (February 2018)

I love geography. I love maps and investigating where I am going and figuring out the best way to get there. This is one of my favorite editions of response, with the maps of where the work is happening. You know that we make it possible with each mission dollar. When I look at a map, I see possibilities and connections. I look for the cities I know or projects I have heard of. I investigate the areas around places I have been or where women I have met live and work. I go online and look at the maps. Maps makethe world seem a littlesmaller and more connected.

I have a goal to visit every continent, some more than once. This may have been a strange goal even 20 years ago, but now it seems more possible than ever before. What will visiting every continent accomplish? For me it brings me one step closer to our mission around the world. Georgia, Lithuania and Russia don’t seem so foreign because I have visited the region. South Korea and the Philippians are closer than ever because of friends I’ve made through United Methodist Women and the travel stories of others.

The maps are important for you, too. When prayerfully considering a financial commitment to United Methodist Women, this is where the money goes. This is the work of United Methodist Women. This is you! When you talk about United Methodist Women, most people see the church dinners and fundraising. Take out this map and show the expanse of the work your Mission Giving accomplishes. Now take it one step further and invite them to join in the work! You want to bring in new members? Share the story, then send an e-mail to “meet” the partner receiving of the scholarship or grant. Christians are called to service. We want our lives to have purpose. Mission Giving
is a purpose all women can share.

I love to travel. Not everyone does. Connecting through the map, showing the world
the impact of United Methodist Women, allows those who may not want to travel to see
the world beyond their front door. I can put a pin in my hometown and look all the way to the other side of the world and see our mission dollars at work. Mission Giving, the Prayer Calendar, and reaching out to missionaries and mission institutions builds the connectional ministry that you are a part of! The eight women from Boston in 1869 could share the news of the work of their missionaries because they kept in touch with Isabella Thoburn and Clara Swain and learned about what they were doing. In those days letters took months. Today, emails take seconds!

Mission Giving and the mission maps bring our work to life. Don’t hide it under a bushel.
Don’t leave your response on a shelf. Show it off. Pass it on. Share the good news that United Methodist Women has been doing for almost 150 years!

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