From the President (December 2017)

Be in the Waiting

Waiting for Christ is not waiting in vain. Each year, Christians get a chance to start again. We are blessed with time to prepare our hearts and minds for the coming Messiah, who will be a guide and teacher for our faith. I get really excited for Advent and Christmas each year. I turn on the Christmas carols after Thanksgiving and make sure to do at least one Advent study, preparing for Christ’s birth.

I work in fundraising. I start planning December in July. I have a lot of time to prepare, and yet every year Christmas shows up quicker than I expect. I learn something new every year, and every year I get busier and busier. I take it as is my responsibility as a woman of faith to be a patient servant and student. I assure you, I am not waiting in vain. My faith reminds me that the Messiah was born to save us and to welcome us into the community of heaven.

  “Waiting in Vain” by Bob Marley, redone by Annie Lennox in the mid-1990s, is a great song for Advent. Although it has nothing to do with Christ, it is a catchy tune about (in my interpretation) a person waiting for love from another, knowing her self-worth but holding love in her heart to guide them, knowing love is coming. I find myself “expecting” something when I listen. It is not a waiting patiently song. Waiting is not a bad thing. I find myself utilizing time differently when I am waiting for something. I get things done in the waiting.

As a single, Christian woman, I have been asked many times if I am waiting for “Mr. Right.” The short answer is no—this is one thing I am not waiting for. I am too busy to wait around for anything or anyone. I am busy making myself a better woman and follower of Christ. I am learning in the waiting time to help people unlike me. I am opening my eyes during this waiting time to be more like Christ. I am present in the waiting, as a follower of Christ, “expecting” something more.

There was a great deal of turmoil, trouble and strife this year. With injustice in front of us, we saw action and doing in the waiting. We saw protests in support of equality, science, healthcare and other cries for justice. We are using this time to raise up the lesser. We are meeting the outcast with microphones. The meek are learning to use their voices and forging arenas in which to be heard. This time of waiting is faith, hope and love in action.

Advent is the perfect time to “be” in the waiting. Be present. Find out what needs you can fill in your community and invite others to join you in the doing. Read a book from the Reading Program while standing in long holiday-gift-buying checkout lines. Advent moves quickly into Christmas and celebration. Use the waiting to know who you are celebrating and God’s place in your life and God’s plans for you.

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