From the Editor (October 2017)


Over the summer United Methodist Women announced its fundraising goal for the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign: $60 million. It’s an ambitious goal, but why not be ambitious in our expectations for the future? The world needs more ambitious women, especially those organized for mission.

“Ambitious” is not often used as a positive term when referring to women. It’s an acceptable and expected attribute for men, but to call a woman ambitious is rarely done as a compliment. Yet most women I know who seek power do so not just to have power but to have power to make positive change, power that builds others up as well. United Methodist Women members harbor the ambitious belief that we can make the world one in which women and girls aren’t left behind. Our foremothers were ambitious as they raised funds and sent missionaries and built schools and showed the church the path to justice. They built a foundation to make sure such work continues, and we must do the same. Future United Methodist Women members and the women and communities that will be changed for the better will be supported by us thanks to the Legacy Fund.

We will give them power. We will fund their ambition. We will continue a legacy of faith, hope and love in action for another 150 years and beyond. The world won’t change until women have power in all places of church and society. And United Methodist Women will continue to lead in faith to make sure this happens. Honor our past and our future by giving to the Legacy Fund. Honor yourselves and the amazing work you are doing together now to transform lives. May God bless your ambition.

#legacyfund #UMWLegacy #UMW150


About Tara Barnes

editor of response, the magazine of United Methodist Women.
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