Message From the President (September 2017)

A Call to Assembly

Come celebrate 150 years of women organizing for mission at “The Power of Bold,” United Methodist Women’s 20th quadrennial Assembly, May 18-20, 2018, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio! Join women from around the country and world for a faith-filled, spiritual-lifting event, honoring the past and launching into the future with bold mission action addressing the needs of women, children and youth.
Come a day early and get a head start on the action at the May 17 Ubuntu Day of Service. This Pre-Assembly event is an opportunity for hands-on service alongside local mission partners and community groups in the Columbus area. Pre-Assembly events will also include a May 17 public action in central Columbus focusing on one of our four priority issues: climate justice, economic inequality, maternal and child health, and mass incarceration and criminalization of communities of color.

Assembly 2018 will be a “green” event where United Methodist Women will model and offer workshops on running environmentally responsible meetings.
Throughout Assembly 2018, we will explore biblical texts surrounding the story of Jesus’ mother, Mary. A teenage mother, wife, sister and migrant refugee, Mary’s life is an example of what it means to boldly answer yes to God’s call despite life’s challenges. Mary’s story touches many women today and myriad life contexts. Biblical texts for this Assembly journey through Mary’s life are Luke 1:26-28, Luke 1:39-55, Luke 2:1-7, Matthew 2:1-23 and John 2:1-12.

Come to the Power of Bold Assembly! The Power of Bold brought eight women together on a stormy night in Boston in 1869 to form the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society and send a woman doctor and woman teacher to India to serve women and children. Today United Methodist Women stands as that society’s heir and the largest faith-based women’s mission organization in the world, improving life for women, children, youth and families around the globe.

When women unite, bold and courageous action happens!

Plan now to attend Assembly and experience the Power of Bold in moving worship, inspiring speakers, immersion experience exhibits, riveting workshops and town hall-style meetings. You will leave Assembly with the knowledge, courage and determination to change the world as part of a daring and compassionate 150-year and counting movement. Visit to find out more.


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