From the Editor (September 2017)

response Sep17 front cover

I am due this month to give birth to my second child, a baby girl. You’ll be hearing from me in this space in upcoming issues, but know that through November I’ll be caring for our newest United Methodist Women member and basking in the blessing of having this time with my newborn—in between diaper changings and feedings and loads of laundry and, hopefully, naps. My first child is very excited to be a big brother and to begin kindergarten. The Barnes home should be particularly lively this fall.

It’s especially in times like these I am grateful for a community of support, for my family, friends, church and United Methodist Women. This organization is large and powerful, but it’s also personal. I’ve learned so much being a part of United Methodist Women not only about the world and my faith but about myself. These are lessons I can pass down to my children, about how their faith and faith community will sustain them, about how their faith will call them to name and change their privilege and advocate for the marginalized. Because I have a community of creative, supportive women, I’ll always be encouraged to lead, learn, serve, advocate and grow spiritually. And I’ll offer the same to others.

Know my prayers are with you as you gather this fall at your meetings and together discern the ways you can do God’s work in your communities and how you can join in the giving and advocacy that changes lives for women and children around the world. Know I thank God every day for having United Methodist Women in my life. I’m looking forward to giving to the Legacy Fund in my daughter’s name and to giving her United Methodist Women.

About Tara Barnes

editor of response, the magazine of United Methodist Women.
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