Message From The President (July/August 2017)

What Do You Choose?

You have a choice. You can choose to be busy. You can choose to make time. You choose. Life is choices. Life is priorities. We are inundated with choices every day. So, what do you choose? What is important to you? Where does your faith guide you?

I choose to follow Christ and an all-loving God. I remember being a young adult, living on my own for the first time after college and going church shopping. I found my faith growing with a forgiving God who knows I will make mistakes. I am human and seek to be like Jesus Christ, accepting the grace that he gave with his life. As United Methodists, we believe human beings need to be in relationship with God and with one another. All humans can be in a relationship with God.

United Methodist Women members are laywomen (and clergy, ex officio) of The United Methodist Church and partners committed to growing as disciples of Jesus Christ in community with other women and advocating on behalf of women, children and youth around the world. We as United Methodist Women, both individually and as members of the community of faith, strive to grow spiritually. We learn and are open to others in order be faithful to our calling to God’s mission in the world.

We have choices to make in the life of The United Methodist Church. We are a part of the church and part of the larger community. Just as in our own local churches, a united church can hold diverse viewpoints without causing harm to people. Unity does not mean ignoring our disagreements, but it cannot mean silence for those hurt by the church.

You bring understandings from your ongoing effort to live as Christians in the complexities of a secular world. During this time of discernment within our global church, let us utilize our theological guidelines of scripture, tradition, experience and reason. As we pray for guidance for our church leaders, let us pray with the faith, hope and love for one another.

United Methodist Women, we are action. Once our hearts are opened to the suffering of God’s children, we do not turn away. Our church is working hard to find a way forward. Through prayer and conversation, with an open heart and mind, let us be open to new ways of being the church.

United Methodist Women are faith, hope and love in action. Be intentional with your faith, your hope, your love and your action. Choose your faith and watch it grow. Pray with God and be in relationship with others. The world needs women organized for mission.

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