Message From the President (May 2017)

Your Giving Matters

This year, International Women’s Day, March 8, kicked off the 61st United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, its purpose to address economic empowerment of women. There women from around the world met to discuss issues of human trafficking, unjust labor laws, and maternal and child health. These issues should sound familiar to you as a United Methodist Women member. We work in community, in mission, to put faith, hope and love into action around our four priority areas: economic inequality, maternal and child health, climate justice and ending criminalization of communities of color.

Comprising the United Methodist Women CSW delegation were four women from the program advisory group’s act of repentance working group, three from the executive committee of the board of directors, one former and one current executive director of two national mission institutes, and seven women from around the world. What a week!
Three Scranton Women’s Leadership Center Scholars, from the Philippians, Zimbabwe, and Pakistan, were part of the delegation. United Methodist Women mission dollars support the center in Seoul, Korea, which creates educational opportunities for women and trains women leaders. These young women are leaders in their countries, through work in nonprofit organizations, supported by their faith in Christ.

Two women, from Kenya and Mozambique, are supported by your mission dollars working for the district office of the church and for Operation HOPE. Their personal stories exemplify what United Methodist Women is doing around the world: Empowering women, giving each one the skills to rise, lead by their faith in Christ. Our international delegation also included a woman working with youth in Moscow, Russia, a young leader from Pakistan, and a pastor from Japan—the only Christian in her family.
Their stories were echoed in every session attended. Despite geographical differences, many of our stories are the same, grounded in faith, hope and love in action.
United Methodist Women builds relationship by being in fellowship. We put our mission dollars to work together to help women around the world.

So, what does all this mean? The work you are doing matters. The dollars you pledge and raise for mission matters. Your work comes from the heart, it’s something you are passionate about, and you do it in faith. When you work in your community for women, youth and children, you are empowering women to build community and relationships in their lives. When you raise money and send your Pledge to Mission, that money goes all over the world. The women your Mission Giving supports bring food to their families and opportunities for education. Education gives women options.

Thank you for all you do for women, youth and children at home and around the world. You put faith, hope and love into action.

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