From the Editor (December 2016)


This December issue of response once again features the United Methodist Women Reading Program list. Within it you’ll find books to help you grow spiritually, develop as leaders, nurture community, commit to action and transform yourselves through education. Don’t be surprised if you’re, well, surprised by some of the books included. This year’s list features such diverse offerings as a comic book on wage theft to a theological exploration of our deadly gun culture to a discussion of Genesis by a United Methodist active in the denomination’s small, conservative reactionary groups.

United Methodist Women welcomes all, as the church should welcome all. We are stronger not with one voice that dictates but with multiple voices that inform, hold us accountable and include different contexts, experiences and understandings. The beloved community is not prescriptive. The body of Christ is made up of many parts. What that body must do together is make the world a place in which all thrive, especially the marginalized, whom Jesus loved, dignified and trusted. When God’s love is our guide, even differences are an asset. Diversity is a gift from God that we should not squander, especially in God’s name. United Methodist Women lives into this. For this and many reasons I am proud to be a member of United Methodist Women organized to make our church and world better for women, children and youth.

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About Tara Barnes

editor of response, the magazine of United Methodist Women.
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