From the President (July/August 2016)

Full of Possibilities

I can remember attending my first School of Christian Mission in Warrenburg, Missouri, hosted by Missouri West Conference United Methodist Women. I loved (and still love) learning and engaging with like-minded women whose purpose is to know God and experience freedom as whole persons. I thought after graduating college I would be done with college dorms—but they became a welcome School of Christian Mission (now Mission u) tradition.

What has always amazed me with United Methodist Women is the timing of our studies. We have a finger of the pulse of the world. Being able to bring clarity and insight to justice, advocacy and service issues that affect women, children and youth gives me hope. We keep our mission and vision in mind when we plan, knowing the unlimited possibilities that may grow from attending Mission u.

I love to hear in my travels what conferences are trying something new. Some have expanded the Mission u location from one central location to two locations so those who can’t travel far still have an opportunity to participate. Mission u has something for everyone, including pastors, who can obtain continuing education credits. We have several study leaders who are pastors.

Mission u not only allows for you to grow in mind, body and soul but offers a chance to share life experiences in a supportive environment. We are truly blessed by the study writers, leader’s guide writers and study leaders.

One of my greatest joys was being a regional school youth study leader. I sat in amazement at all the behind-the-scenes-training and preparation that takes place for a spiritual encounter with God from start to finish at Mission u. I was blessed to work with the Rev. Barbara Ross from West Ohio as we collaborated on youth study book on prayer.
I am thrilled about this year’s studies and am looking forward to reading, sharing and gaining new perspective on what God is calling us to do as United Methodist Women at this summer’s events. If you are unable to attend, consider sponsoring a first-timer or young adult to experience transformational education.

I know several people who get excited about Mission u, but no one more than my godson, and my mentor Edith Triplet has set an example of being in love with Mission u and showing that it is a family affair. Be bold like Brenda Sylvan from my church, who took me to my first School of Christian Mission in the late 1980s. I am challenging you to bring a friend, buy a study book, contribute to supplies or offer a gas card for travel. I am so blessed by the many years of being on the deans’ team and training event team and attending Mission u.

Treat yourself to a world of possibilities by attending Mission u. United Methodist Women is once again on the cutting edge of sharing insights and knowledge that will allow us to turn faith, hope and love into action on behalf of women, children and youth around the world today and for years to come.

United Methodist Women

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