From the President (June 2016)

Let’s Choose Wisely

Sometimes I pinch myself to see if my wonderful experience as the national president of United Methodist Women is real. I am beyond amazed at the wonderful work we are doing for women, children and youth around the world. We celebrated our upcoming 150th anniversary last month at General Conference. Every United Methodist Women member should be very proud of the work we do every single day.

As women called by God we can’t allow anything or anyone to hold us back. Don’t fret over naysayers. Remember that what God has for you is for you, and continue to support your sisters in their mission passions even if different from your own. So much can be accomplished through support, uplifting and encouraging one another; we can be so powerful for God’s mission for us. We need to encourage ourselves in order to be able to inspire, motivate and encourage others.

Let’s put in the effort to ensure our organization will be around for another 150 years150 years of doing the “unreasonable” work of speaking up, standing up and taking up for women, children and youth. When you are asked to serve at the local, district, conference or jurisdiction United Methodist Women or United Methodist Church, you know that there are sisters out there cheering you on. We sometime forget that Jesus rose again and that asking for forgiveness goes a long way in our own healing so that our focus can be on the work we are called to do.

Being able to visit the jurisdictional meetings, General Conference, annual meetings, United Methodist Women Sundays and national mission institutions has made it clear to me that our passion, dedication and commitment is spilling over to others. I see the increase in the number of women engaging in new and exciting ways with our areas of focus. We are aligning ourselves with our passionate and compassionate hearts to do God’s work.

I get excited knowing that I will get to visit with some of you in the coming months at Mission u events, where the studies this year will inspire many questions, discussions and debates. Ladies, let’s pour our hearts into studying and understanding how we can help our denomination heal from unkindness and division.

I challenge you to send a card of support and encouragement to your bishop, pastors, lay leader and United Methodist Women conference president showing that United Methodist Women is a supportive community beyond measure. I am so proud to share I am a United Methodist Women member. One of my favorite cheers is, “Everywhere I go, people want to know, who we are, so I tell them: We are United Methodist Women, the mighty, mighty United Methodist Women!”

Let’s choose wisely as the life of women, children and youth depend on our giving, our being faithful and our courage and spirit to do God’s will. Thank you for being bold and edgy to transform the world. I stand with you and beside you in this journey to Make It Happen!

United Methodist Women

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