From the President (April 2016)

Let’s Do Our Part

And when they had eaten their fill, he told his disciples, “Gather up the leftover fragments, that nothing may be lost.”
John 6:12 (ESV)

One of my lines at Assembly 2014 in Louisville, Kentucky, was to say “Be Just. Be Green,” but I kept messing it up, so they gave it to program advisory group member Meghan Waddle. I was given the word “composting.” I decided to intentionally look for composting stations and recycling centers as I traveled to see if and how others are making environmental difference and change.

I am glad to say my local United Methodist Women uses only glassware for all meals. My local president, Carolyn Celestine, is also the Missouri Conference United Methodist Women Be Just. Be Green chairperson. I do a little happy dance when I pass by a recycling center and see people using it correctly.

I also pay attention to ways different cities handle transportation. A cab I took in San Francisco had a sticker in the window that said “clean air vehicle.” The car was a hybrid and ran so smoothly I could not hear the engine.

While in San Francisco I found a restaurant with a composting station, where food was served on a metal tray and the liner was made from recycled paper. There was a large bin with the signs explaining how to dispose of your leftovers and trash. Not only did they have a recycling station but also a water station with large glass container of water as self-service.

I am a work in progress of making sure to go the extra distance to throw used items in the correct bins. I know if we continue to talk about and show the awesome value and benefits from Be Just. Be Green we can save our world and make it a livable place for all.

I was recently fascinated by a story of using a soccer ball to create energy. Jessica O. Matthews founded Uncharted Play, a new tech company focused on creating motion-based, off-grid renewable energy. The company has created the Sockket, a soccer ball that harnesses energy from being used that can be used later. I am excited to see what other ideas or discoveries are in the minds of the future generation and how can we help.
This is what I want you to focus on: How you can help. Get active in climate justice advocacy in your units, church and community. Consider being an advocate with the Be Just. Be Green Team. You would be surprised at all the things you can do to make a difference!

Look for ways to include the United Methodist Women 13 Steps to Sustainability in our daily lives so it becomes habit: Join in a better and brighter future. United Methodist Women makes a difference, so let’s do our part together.

United Methodist Women

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