From the President (March 2016)

The Greatest Gift

For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.
Matthew 25:29 (NIV)
As United Methodist Women members we have been given the greatest gift of turning faith, hope and love in action for women, children and youth around the world. The foundation has been laid by the women before us in advocacy and in giving.

This Women’s History Month, celebrate by recognizing those women that inspired, motivated and encouraged you along the way. We are grateful for those women on March 23, 1869, who knew something needed to be done. They didn’t wait for direction from another, as they knew God was calling them to make a change.

That is the beauty of being a part of United Methodist Women: We see something wrong or out of place and we are ready to fix the problem. We also know that being in mission to women, children and youth around the world requires funding. This is why the United Methodist Women Legacy Fund is so important. The Legacy Fund will help ensure that 100-plus years from now our projects in the United States and around the world as well as our life-changing programs of service and advocacy, leadership development, transformative education and spiritual growth are supported—we must ensure our national mission institutions are still available to help communities thrive, that Leadership Development Days can still provide essential training, that women have access to education and health care around the world, that response can still tell our story and stories of the unheard, among our many other supported events, projects, programs and resources.

It does my soul good to know we can continue to provide leadership training for our young and seasoned women of this awesome organization. I get excited when I hear about the scholarships we have awarded to future leaders in the world as I know our work in mission and advocacy will live into the future.

You are amazing women doing God’s work. I know you don’t like to toot your own horn, so I will do it for you—you are awesome and amazing women. We have young girls meeting while their mothers meet, working mothers meeting over lunch, groups meeting online. I recently heard of unit president Susie Pearl Green, 99 years old, from Attalla, Alabama, training the next generation for leadership.

Let’s do something special for March 23, our Legacy Fund Day of Giving, to show the world we are proud of our birthday and to celebrate. Join me in honoring our foremothers and future leaders by donating to the Legacy Fund in their honor, sending them a note, inviting them to lunch, making them a special dessert, purchasing a gift from a woman owned business, calling them and expressing your gratefulness or ordering them a subscription to response magazine!

United Methodist Women

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