From the Editor (March 2016)

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This month is Women’s History Month, and it’s also the month of United Methodist Women’s founding in March 1869. Again this year we will be celebrating our history with a nod to our future, with a Day of Giving supporting the Legacy Fund, an endowment fund to ensure the mission strength of future generations of United Methodist Women. This issue features stories from local women celebrating United Methodist Women’s legacy and ways you can do the same. I am very proud to be a part of this organization, and I thank God for the strong shoulders on which I stand.

This is also the month we celebrate Easter this year. After a long Lent, long hours of night, we look forward to the celebration of rebirth, of the Resurrection. Are we really ready for it? Are we ready to be Easter people? Are we ready to live as though we believe in life? Believing requires bravery—and support. Luckily, you are part of a creative, supportive community of women who believe we can create a world in which all can thrive.
May this issue be an honor to you for all you do and have done for your families, churches and communities and for women, children and youth around the world.

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About Tara Barnes

editor of response, the magazine of United Methodist Women.
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