From the President (January 2016)

Learn All You Can

The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.
Philippians 4:9 (NASB)

United Methodist Women members have a thirst for knowledge, for learning, for exploring. We had a great opportunity to engage in this at our 2015 National Seminar. You too can have an opportunity to tap into all the learning that was shared at National Seminar. On our wonderful website at you can read news from the event and watch the related webinars that were sent to attendees before National Seminar.

We even had a little (well, a lot of) fun—in worship, in singing, in fellowship and in turning faith, hope and love into action on behalf of women, children and youth. Yes, we were in action while we were in Chicago. We even had members show up at a Cook County hospital board meeting with signs of support for the work of an inpatient pediatric unit serving a low-income community that is set to be closed. We were also able to bond in our table and prayer groups during our time together.

Each United Methodist Women conference had two representatives who I know are now back home sharing National Seminar experiences and our four new focus areas of climate justice, maternal and child health, criminalization of people of color and wealth inequality. If we want to reach out to Make It Happen, we know we cannot do it alone. We must continue to partner, fellowship and collaborate with others: we stand ready.

Together we celebrated the extraordinary work that God is accomplishing through United Methodist Women reaching out in ministries of justice, service and advocacy.

Women still make 77 cents (or less for women of color) to a man’s $1. At the event I joked: So does this mean women only have to pay 77 percent of our bills? Only do 77 percent of the work? This is a key focus issue, as almost all of us know women, especially single mothers, who are struggling to make a living even while working.

I am proud to know that our national office continues to develop new tools, resources and thought-provoking, hands-on events to strengthen the witness of Christ’s mission and ministry in the church and the world. We are growing disciples for Christ to transform the world.

Serving others is a privilege we should not take lightly. When God gathered eight Methodist women together 146 years ago, God knew that we would be servants and advocates for women, children and youth around the world. When I think of our history I leap for joy and say, “Thank you, Jesus!” for the women who make up this organization called United Methodist Women.

Let’s learn all we can, do all we can to be the leaders of making a positive change in our churches and our world. Get involved—our world needs you!

United Methodist Women

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