From the President (December 2015)

At Your Leisure

I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is proclaimed throughout the world.
Romans 1:8

United Methodist Women’s Reading Program is such a blessing. It helps us to be fully engaged with the world through transformative education. The Reading Program offers mind, body and soul reading for all ages.

I have been able to personally offer appreciation to two Reading Program authors. One is Ann Joyner, author of Not Worth Saving: How a Severely Handicapped Boy Transformed Lives, featured in the 2016 Reading Program. It’s a book that lives within my spirit as I have a niece with special needs and godson with Down syndrome. Reading her book is a marvelous way to celebrate all God’s unique human beings. So please read Not Worth Saving. It aligns well with our mission study The Church and People With Disabilities, which, by the way, received an award from the DisAbility Committee of The United Methodist Church and the United Methodist Association of Ministers With Disabilities.

I was also blessed to worship with Suzette Caldwell, pastor at Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas, and author of 2015 Reading Program book Praying to Change Your Life. During this United Methodist Women weekend celebration I learned firsthand to trust God and use daily spiritual reading as a way to nurture my prayer life. Knowing God for yourself enhances your ability to thrive.

The Reading Program committee members read, read and read some more and select the books for the Reading Program. Their passion and determination ensure an awesome variety of books that catch our imaginations and inspire us to make change. These books also make great gifts!

The Reading Program allows you to visit new places and experience new cultures. They stir up a fire inside you to go out and do something!

I love that United Methodist Women is always providing information for continuous learning, helping you not only transform the world but transform yourself. Now is a great time to start a book club, maybe even reach out to an author for a reading. I still fondly remember our District Reading Program event in Kansas City, which has turned into a yearly event now.

I like walking into bookstores and browsing books. Many United Methodist Women events offer the same opportunity in the book rooms and resource rooms. I challenge you to pick up a United Methodist Women commissioned or recommended book for someone you know who has a passion for justice. You can browse at events, or you can browse anytime at United Methodist Women Mission Resources:

Our Reading Program list offers great selections as well for book reports, term papers and resource materials. Don’t be afraid to share! The best part is once you read the book you can pass it on, donate it to a local national mission institution, community center or shelter providing services for women, children and youth. United Methodist Women members Make It Happen!

United Methodist Women

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