From the President (November 2016)

A Thankful Heart!

Time passes by so fast. Sometimes when I look back I think, “I should have …” or “I could have …” or “Dang it—why didn’t I do that?” I am sure you can relate. I hope United Methodist Women helps you turn “I could have” into “I am so glad I did!”

I am so thankful for this organization called United Methodist Women. My life has been blessed and enriched beyond measure, so this November for Thanksgiving I am making sure to share this blessing with others, with our young women, the next generation to carry forth this vision of turning faith, hope and love into action.

Special relationships have formed over the years that have impacted my life in United Methodist Women, so many opportunities have been given to me. Call it paying it forward or, what I like to call it, simply having fun with the young people. I appreciate the younger generation’s willingness to engage in mission work. We all have gifts of God’s talents and treasures to offer one another. Spending time together as multiple generations leads to new understandings of ways to worship and serve God. The scripture tell us, “Therefore encourage one another and build up each other, as indeed you are doing” (1 Thessalonians 5:11). From newly graduated to newly retired—we must partner with everyone in learning the new ways of coming together.

We know that our work together brings greater awareness to the importance of issues affecting our society. My heart fills with joy when I see a young person who grew up in this organization remain a part of it throughout her stages of life. I am grateful to one particular young lady for providing some extra special care during Assembly 2014, when my broken arm was in a bright pink cast.

Ariel Murphy has been going to United Methodist Women meetings with her mother, Tanya, and grandmother, Irene, all her life. Naturally she would carry on the legacy. She is part of our Limitless: Redefine Tomorrow movement, and she is finding her own way as a United Methodist Women leader by starting a circle on campus at Reinhardt College in Waleska, Georgia. Ms. Murphy has called United Methodist Women important in her life because it has opened up doors for her.

“I’ve been in United Methodist Women since I was born,” she said, “and I have meet people that have impacted my life ever since. Mentoring has a positive impact on my life because it has help me to stay on the right path and keep relationship with people.”

You too can be a mentor. Give a young woman a subscription to response. Invite her to a meeting or event as your guest. Provide a scholarship to a United Methodist Women event, such as Mission u or Leadership Development Days. Offer her an opportunity to plan part of the annual meeting or spiritual growth retreat (and then actually let her plan it). Send encouraging message through cards, texts or phone calls.

Be a blessing to someone! Make it a time in your life showing God how you are thankful. Pass it on!

United Methodist Women

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