From the President (June 2015)

Another Chance to Bless

Anyone who knows me will agree I love to shop at Christian bookstores. I will walk in with one thing on my mind and hours later come out with bags full of purchases. “Where’s the blessing in that?” you ask. Well, one of my purchases is usually these little scripture cards I love that give an instant boost of assurance of God’s Goodness. “From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another. John 1:16,” says one of my favorites. The front of the card reads: “You are a unique, one-of-a-kind creation. God made you so special!”

As United Methodist Women members we must embrace all opportunities we have to partner and collaborate with like-minded individuals and groups lifting up women. I experienced an awesome blessing a year ago at Assembly 2014 when the woman performance group Mahina Movement ministered from the main stage. They used powerful words when they entered the stage: Who are you waiting for? You are, you are, you are who you’ve been waiting for.

Yes! Powerful!

I was blessed to meet them backstage. Getting to know them is an inspiration. These are powerful women of diverse backgrounds coming together through words and songs to inspire, encourage and motivate women. They displayed bold, giving, compassionate energy—just a few of our United Methodist Women words we use to describe our work for women, children and youth around the world.

Women working together in lifting one another up, carrying a heavy burden or just listening with an attentive ear gives us a special bond of sisterhood. As women of faith, God has put a nurturing sensor in each of us to use at the appropriate given time and opportunity. The uniqueness of the Mahina Movement should cause you to celebrate that as women of faith you can (and must) express your talents so others can see that being a one-of-a-kind creation is a reason to celebrate.

So when we see something unique and special in a person let’s celebrate it, rebuke those who shame and disrespect them. Bullying is on the  rise in our schools, churches and communities, so as United Methodist Women members we must stand against this evilness. As we ready ourselves for Mission u, summer school, vacations and visits to our national mission institutions, let’s remember to keep a watchful eye and lift our voices when needed. United Methodist Women members and partners: Let’s work together to find ways not to duplicate solutions but to solve issues and problems together. Giving credit where credit is due all leads back to God.

I have an action for you. I want you to get three cards. Write a supportive message, then sign it: “We are praying for you, United Methodist Women.” Then seal it. When you witness someone struggling or being bullied, please share the card with that person.

So you know that means I will be looking into my blessing bin and getting my cards ready. Then let me know how this went for you.

Be a blessing.

United Methodist Women

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