Member poems

United Methodist Women member Denise McCullough in Waynesville, North Carolina, contributed a story to Bright Lights, “Wool Hats From Maggie Valley, North Carolina,” in the May issue of response. Ms. McCullough also sent us some poems, which I’m sharing with you here. Enjoy! 

Will There Be Butterflies in Heaven?

The morning mist moves over the pond,
The first rays of sunlight sparkle on the Yellow Poplar,
Over where the big, red tractor sits.
Today will be a good day to mow the yards,
And prune the hedges.
Things grow so fast when rain and sun mix
In just the right amounts.
The Blue Morning Glory,
Like a rebellious child,
Persists in going its own way,
Despite my guiding hands.
Snapdragons grow to their full three feet,
And Blue Phlox vie for the record.
Red Geraniums produce blooms in abundance
And Purple Gayfeather lords over it all.

This place I love beyond all measure,
Has been given to me by Grace,
A worldly treasure.

Crooked Finger and Toes

The crooked finger writes
And having “writ” moves one,
Although the finger’s crooked
It can still sew and paint
And sometimes write a song.

The crooked toe down there I see
Looks awful, but it says to me,
“I get you in styl, ol’ girl,
Maybe not quickly
Or dancing in a whirl,
But I get you thereso!

To remind me of my age,
I have these poor appendages
Which also help remind me,
Of all my great advantages.


About Tara Barnes

editor of response, the magazine of United Methodist Women.
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