Bright Lights (April 2015)

United Methodist Church Held Its Annual Roast Beef Dinner; Troop 72 Helped Serve
The United Methodist Women at Parsippany United Methodist Church in Parsippany, New Jersey, offer homemade baked goods and gently used jewelry for sale at the church and served their roast beef dinner with the help of a local Boy Scouts troop.

United Methodist Women to Hold Conference to End Human Trafficking in Tennessee
Cumberland District United Methodist Women in Tennessee host anti-human trafficking program “Faith-Lift to Benefit End Slavery Tennessee” conference.

April Jefferson Award Winner: Mary Adkins
Mary Adkins, vice president of United Methodist Women at Duff Street United Methodist Church in Clarksburg, West Virginia, wins local award.

Rieke’s Many Activities Have Earned Her Recognition
Longtime United Methodist Women member Mary Rieke praised by her community in Sterling, Colorado.

Carol Burnett: Raise Minimum Wages to Help Single Working Moms
Carol Burnett, executive director at national mission institution Moore Community House in Biloxi, Mississippi, offers her opinion on the way the community can better support women by raising the minimum wage.

Boundary Waters Adventures Will be Flowing During CUMC Father-Son Banquet
United Methodist Women at Chatfield United Methodist Church in Chatfield, Minnesota, bake pies for church’s annual father-son banquet, which the United Methodist Women started hosting in 1940.

Market Raises Funds for Mission
United Methodist Women at Jefferson Street United Methodist Church in Natchez, Mississippi, host successful Community-Wide Market to raise funds for mission.

From the Community: Stop Human Trafficking!
United Methodist Women at Grace United Methodist Church in Naperville, Illinois, host human trafficking forum to raise awareness.

Methodist Women Focus on Fundraising, Outreach
United Methodist Women at Hamilton United Methodist Church in Hamilton, Illinois, host cookie walk and craft show for community outreach and fund-raising for mission.

Mt. Pleasant Township Church Group Crochets “Mats for the Homeless”
United Methodist Women at Calvary United Methodist Church in Acme, Pennsylvania, use plastic grocery bags to make sleeping bags for community homeless.

About Tara Barnes

editor of response, the magazine of United Methodist Women.
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