How to Use This Issue (March 2015)

Easter is coming, but now we are in Lent. Next month we will celebrate; this month we mourn, we pray, we fast, we prepare. We listen for God’s call and ready ourselves to answer it. For Jesus will rise from the dead and we will become Easter people.

Easter comes every year. Jesus will rise from the dead. Even for a man known to perform miracles his resurrection is surprising. In 1 Corinthians 15, the apostle Paul discusses the resurrection and what it means for followers of Jesus. Read this chapter of the Bible. Discuss it with others or reflect on it individually. United Methodist Discipleship Ministries in partnership with United Methodist Communications produce a Web video series called Chuck Knows Church, describing beliefs and practices of The United Methodist Church. This month watch “Chuck Knows Church: Resurrection.”

If you were given the opportunity to preach a modern- day Sermon on the Mount, what would your sermon entail? What is the good news you would share with a crowd of gatherers today? What does happiness in God mean? “To offer abundant life, human flourishing, is God’s vocation,” says Glory Dharmaraj in “A Spirituality Called Happiness,” this month’s Bible study. This month, take some time to focus on what would really make you happy.

March is also Women’s History Month. United Methodist Women members honor our foremothers and the contributions of women whose bravery, prophecy and
action allow us to take for granted the rights we enjoy today by continuing to work for gender equality.

The section introductions in this issue feature women pertinent to United Methodist Women history. Share these women’s stories with others. Make a bulletin insert or table centerpieces for your next United Methodist Women meal, gathering or event. Single issues of this magazine can be purchased through our e-store. Maybe this month’s mission for your United Methodist Women group can be to purchase this issue for congregation members. Reading and sharing response is being in mission. response is the story of you.

Sharing our stories is key to putting our faith, hope and love into action. It’s how you connect to the person sitting next to you or praying with you from the other side of the world. In “Yes, You Can Share Your Mission Story,” Deaconess Amanda Mountain offers practical tips for you to do just that. Jesus, after all, did not give us a user manual but instead shared stories. His parables make us think, and they make us act, and now we are called to motivate others in the same way with our stories. This month, be intentional about trying to connect someone new to United Methodist Women through storytelling (and maybe sharing response).

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About Tara Barnes

editor of response, the magazine of United Methodist Women.
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