From the President (March 2015)

I often wonder why God called United Methodist Women to be in mission with women, children and youth, the most vulnerable among us, “the least of these.” Sometimes you can put a lot of energy into a program that receives minimal support. I’m here to tell you don’t be discouraged. When the Master calls, we answer, “Yes!”—and the record shows United Methodist Women on our post supporting women, children and youth around the world. So be encouraged!

March is a special month for United Methodist Women. March 23, 1869, was the day our foremothers answered God’s call by organizing for mission with women, children and youth.

Magnificent. Assertive. Ridiculous. Champions. Harmonious. Choose one of these words, find a way to incorporate it into your work with women, children and youth this year, and watch how the Master multiplies your efforts. We are victorious because we are children of God doing what is required of us. Rejoice! Let everyone know the  joy of mission we experience knowing that our collective efforts have provided positive alternatives for an at-risk child, a nurturing community for seniors or that our domestic violence awareness campaign has saved a life, a family and a future. Rejoice! Know that a life has been changed, rearranged and turned upside down for the better because of United Methodist Women-related national mission institutions and Mission Giving-supported projects, scholarships and mission partners around the world.

Yes, United Methodist Women has some 800,000-members putting their faith, hope and love into action by praying, volunteering, marching, quilting, writing letters and raising Mission Giving dollars. But there is still much to do.

As Jesus told the disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest” (Matthew 9:37-38). We have been laboring in God’s vineyard and doing it with a glad heart! I have visited several conferences and national mission institutions and experienced our sisterhood of grace.

Every conference has something that makes it unique, amazing and wonderful. We must not keep this to ourselves! I wear my special mission recognition pins everywhere I go as it is definitely a conversation starter. United Methodist Women sisters, the Master has called us for a special task. Let others know you are a proud member of an organization that has answered God’s call to mission with women, children and youth for 145 years and counting. Tell the women you know the Master is also calling them to mission. Invite them to say yes through United Methodist Women.

United Methodist Women

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