How to Use This Issue (April 2014)

Women of God, like our foremothers at the tomb we are called to spread the good news! The time to mourn has ended—hallelujah! He is risen!

This month’s Bible study continues last month’s study and can be presented to large or small groups. Like in March, we again attend a banquet, but with a bit different focus. If possible, continue the Bible study with the group you studied with last month. How Is It With Your Soul? is the new United Methodist Women spiritual growth study for 2014. The book will be studied at conference Mission u events and by small groups throughout the year. The authors of the study, Priscilla Pope-Levison and Jack Levison, talk about the importance of small groups in “Change the World by Circle” on pages 13-15. Open your next gathering by asking one another the questions presented in the article.

We have the blessing in this issue to hear from two United Methodist Women scholarship recipients. Abdul Bundu Kamara and George Socree share their hopes for the future on pages 22-25. They are changing themselves and their communities thanks to your giving.

Do you ever think about the journey of your dollar? Perhaps you’ve been the recipient of another’s generosity. Something special happens when a dollar is given out of love, offered with a prayer. Take time this month to think about the large ripples your group has made with your love and prayers. Can you tally the lives you’ve changed? How is yours one of those lives changed?

United Methodist Women members see those society has cast into the shadows and reach out to them in love. Richard Lord’s “Life After Death” on pages 30-33 and “From the Inside Out” on pages 34-37 share the story of United Methodist Women members on both sides of the gates engaging in prison ministries and working to end the death penalty. Do you participate in prison ministry? Is this something your group has considered? There are many ways to reach out to the prison community. Perhaps this month you can reach out to a halfway house or reentry program and offer assistance.

In addition to celebrating Easter this month, we also gather at Assembly! It’s not too late to join us (or help someone else join us) in Louisville, Ky., April 25-27. Workshops, performers, speakers and logistic and registration information are all available at Assembly It’s not every day you get to be in a room with 8,000 like-minded women who want to change the world—don’t miss this opportunity! I’ll be there, and I can’t wait to meet you.

May Easter remind you that God will not let us down, even when hope seems lost. Jesus is there to ask, “Why are you weeping?” The tomb is empty! Nothing is impossible.

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About Tara Barnes

editor of response, the magazine of United Methodist Women.
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