From the Editor (April 2014)

responseapril2014cover300Happy Easter! In this jubilant season we rehearse the life and teachings of Jesus the Christ and rejoice in the good news that God is love, and so with God, all things are possible—forgiveness, reconciliation, even resurrection after death.

This season commemorates the high cost of love, for had Jesus not endured the Maundy Thursday betrayals and trials and the Good Friday crucifixion, there would be no Easter morning joy. Jesus paid the price of love for us. And those who would be his disciples must likewise “pick up their cross and follow me,” he said. Love is very costly.

In worship services during the final days of Lent, we sing, “Were you there when they crucified my Lord? … Were you there when they nailed him to the tree?” Or pierced him in the side? Or laid him in the tomb? Were you there? (The United Methodist Hymnal, #288)

The song’s implicit next question is, “If you were there, what did you do?”

April’s issue of response features stories of United Methodist Women members, individually and collectively, seeking to answer that question, not by tuning out the difficulties of their day and time but as witnesses of a God who is love and for whom all things are possible, even forgiveness, reconciliation and resurrection of that which was dead.

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