From the President (January 2014)

Refresh Your Spirit

Calling all United Methodist Women members!

A new spirit is present! We are prepared and ready to Make It Happen. We have been called by Christ to turn faith, hope and love into action. I am going to give you some ways to start the year off refreshed.

Ready to serve God.
United Methodist Women provides you with leadership training to help you engage in a new structure with flexibility. Take advantage of the training available. Attend Leadership Development Days, Voices, National Seminar, Mission u, the Seminar Program and, of course, Assembly!

Energize yourself and others.
Make a connection. A smile goes a long way. Be kind to yourself and one another, and the world will witness this great sisterhood as doers, women who change the world.

Believe in God. Be a tree shaker willing to stand against injustice. Put God at the center of your fundraisers, rallies and women’s rights campaigns. Our faith helps us know what is right and important. Our vision has kept us growing for more than 140 years. Be kind to
yourself and one another, and the world will witness this great sisterhood as doers, women
who change the world.

Run—don’t walk!
Raise your voice, and hit the road. Meet with local governmental officials. Invite them to panel discussions. Contact your national representatives and let them hear your voices and concerns loud enough to know we mean business.

Enjoy the journey.
Don’t be ashamed of the wonderful and life-changing work you are doing through God. I
enjoy visiting with my United Methodist Women sisters throughout the country as we
laugh and smile and have fun while participating in mission work. God’s direction to do for others is at the center of our hearts. Spread the word and rejoice.

Sisterhood of grace.
Take pride in serving with amazing women who give of themselves without question. Cherish every opportunity to interact with one another. Call a United Methodist Women sister up and invite her for coffee just because. Let’s take better care of one another. Let’s check in with one another often.

I give honor and praise for the opportunity to make things new, to refresh our minds, bodies and souls. We are a part of 800,000 turning faith, hope and love into action on behalf of women, children and youth around the world.

Now go Make It Happen!

United Methodist Women

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